Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Web based online library of Scalextric cars 1960 to 2015

Identifying your old Scalextric cars is essential if you want to find the right replacement parts.  This web based online library of Scalextric cars covers all the cars made from 1960 to 2005 and contains the details of 892 distinct Scalextric cars.

Scalextric Yardley BRM

You can search the library by entering text into a search window and the matched cars are listed in the search results.  You can simply browse the library too by incrementing through the C number reference of the cars.

Each car is presented with its picture, its C number, its description, any special features e.g. headlights, and the years for which it was produced.

This is the most powerful listing of Scalextric cars produced on the web.  So, next time you need to identify your Scalextric car, go to the web based online Scalextric car library at Scalextric Car Restorations.

Another great web based tool produced by Scalextric Car Restorations.

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