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More power from a Scalextric RX motor

The earlier Scalextric cars produced in the 1960s were fitted with open frame motors the most common of which is known as the RX motor. This motor was also fitted to many of the Hornby locomotives of the period. This article shows how to produce more torque and more RPM from an RX motor.
Scalextric RX motor
There are 3 main factors involved in improving the performance of a Scalextric RX motor.  These are:
  • Electrical
  • Magnetic
  • Mechanical
For electrical the first place to start is to clean all the electrical connections from the track braids to the motor brushes.  An alternative is to use a flexible silicon wire and make a new connection from each track braid to the motor brushes directly.  This removes almost all of the electrical connections.  More radically the motor armature wire can be replaced to give a higher electrical current.
More current gives more torque.
Magnetically there’s a couple of solutions available.  Re-magnetise the existing magnet to get it the best it can be or simply replace the magnet with a Neodymium magnet.  This will give 2-3 times the magnetic field strength of the original magnet.
More magnetic field strength gives more torque.
Mechanically it’s all about reducing friction that opposes the rotation of the armature.  With the motor brushes removed the armature should spin very freely in its bearings.  The bearings should be in good alignment and offer very little resistance.  The tension on the motor brushes can have a big effect too.  Reduce the spring tension and the Scalextric RX motor produces more torque and more RPM.
Less friction gives more torque.
About the author:
Gary Harding has been working with Scalextric cars for over 35 years and now operates Scalextric Car Restorations in the UK. Scalextric Car Restorations is a Worldwide internet based business that offers for sale high quality Scalextric cars and Scalextric parts from the 1960s to the present day. All the restoration work is carried out to the highest standards with the highest quality parts available. Only the best cars are selected and the final result is a car that is genuinely like new.
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