Saturday, 30 January 2016

Now available – pick up braids for new Scalextric Drift cars

The newer range of Scalextric drift cars use larger than normal guide blade that rotate through 360 degrees allowing the Scalextric car to rotate on the track also through 360 degrees.  This adds a great extra dimension to racing Scalextric cars.
Scalextric drift car braids
In order to do this the Drift Scalextric cars use a unique and larger than normal guide blade which is fitted with longer than normal pick-up braids.  The pick-up braids and the woven metal wire that actually make electrical contact with the metal track conducting strips.
These pick-up braids for the Drift Scalextric cars are 42mm long and are not available from Scalextric as a spare part.  The standard shorter braids are but not the longer Drift car braids.
Scalextric Car Restorations have re-manufactured the 42mm long Scalextric Drift car braids allowing for a low cost solution to worn out pick-up braids.  Why Scalextric themselves haven’t done this, well, who knows.
Another great solution from Scalextric Car Restorations.

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