Thursday, 7 January 2016

Can new Scalextric cars run on the old Scalextric track?

On the whole, yes, a new Scalextric car can run on the old classic Scalextric track.  The dimensions of all the interfaces are the same.  However, there are some exceptions.  The modern cars have fixed front axles which mean they like relatively flat track otherwise a front wheel will lift the guide up causing the pick up braids to come away from the track rails and the car can stop or hesitate.

Scalextric C3089 Aston Martin DBS

Classic Scalextric track features to avoid are the traditional banked corners and the hump back bridge as some new cars belly out on that.  There may also be a problem negotiating the rock used in the classic chicane track.

The other way around, can the classic Scalextric cars be used on the modern Scalextric Sport track?  This now does depend on the cars and in particular the guide used.  Some of the older Scalextric cars fitted with a pin guide can have problems with the cross over pieces and junctions on Digital track.

Modern Scalextric Sport track offers less mechanical grip compared to the classic Scalextric track and so grip can be a problem.  This can be overcome by using Max Grip tyres or adding a Neodymium magnet fitted between the motor and rear axle.

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