Sunday, 17 January 2016

Scalextric pre-wired Johnson 111 motor assembly

The Scalextric cars produced during the 1070’s were generally fitted with the Johnson 111 electric motor.  The long thin, gold can motor has proved reliable enough over the years but can fail due to over lubrication causing overheating and eventually a total burnout.  Repairing a motor that has failed in this way is not really an option due to the difficulty of the repair.
The best option is to replace the failed Scalextric Johnson 111 motor with a refurbished motor.  This Scalextric Johnson 111 motor is refurbished and fitted with new wires, pinion gear and guide.  Which means it can be fitted by anyone with no special electrical skills.
Scalextric Johnson 111 motor
Your classic Scalextric car will be up and running again in minutes giving you all the fun you remember.
Another great Scalextric spare part from Scalextric Car Restorations.

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