Saturday, 23 January 2016

Scalextric Start or Scalextric Sport

Scalextric (Hornby) have recently introduced the Scalextric Start range of sets, cars and accessories and we are frequently asked if this is a good starting point to start with collecting Scalextric.  The alternative is the Scalextric Sport range of sets, cars and accessories.  So which do you go for.
The answer is very simple when you learn a few facts about the Scalextric Start range.  Firstly, the track isn’t compatible with the Scalextric Sport range and has very little in the way of interesting track pieces.  Secondly, the cars are generic amorphous blobs and not specific models of known existing cars.  Finally the guide blade of the cars is very weak and very prone to failure and, you’ve guessed it, unique to the Scalextric Start range of cars.
Scalextric Start car
Which ever idiot in Hornby thought that the Scalextric Start range would be a brilliant product should be taken out and shot.  The other idiots that followed them should also be taken out and shot.  Scalextric Start is rubbish and is definitely not a start to collecting Scalextric.  If anything it is an end to collecting Scalextric.
The Scalextric Start range is better off named the Scalextric End range.
Scalextric should stick to what they are good at and stop investing in stupid ideas.
A rant front Scalextric Car Restorations.

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