Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Ebay Scalextric and the pitfalls of buying

Buying eBay Scalextric cars can be a complete minefield as there are many traders who are not totally honest in what they do.  We have seen many Scalextric cars purchased as eBay Scalextric items that are NOT what the buyer expected.

There are 2 generic types of eBay Scalextric cars; there’s new and there’s used.  New Scalextric cars can have several things not right with them; the first is that they might not be new but used and simply cleaned up.  The second is that the Scalextric cars may be stolen and not the property of the seller and therefore not yours once you’ve purchased them.  The third is that the Scalextric cars may not be what you expected, for example many eBay Scalextric cars are removed from sets so do not come with a box.

Ebay Scalextric used cars are even worse.  The best advice we can give for a used eBay Scalextric car is that the car will have a fault of some type and will need Scalextric spare parts to repair it.  Your mission as the buyer is to find out what the fault is and decide whether or not you can fix it or live with it.  Sellers of eBay Scalextric cars tend to lie by omission, so find out what is not described.

Another great insight from Scalextric Car Restorations

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